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Holistic Health Coaching is weekly coaching custom designed to support you on your personal journey to detoxification, weight loss and health!

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Susan has maintained a private coaching practice supporting individuals one-to-one on their path of health and led group cleanses for over 10 years. In addition to working one to one with clients, Susans work in the field has shifted to educating and certifying others to become health coaches as they find their niche in the ever-growing competitive field of nutrition.

 Susan offers a variety of trainings and workshops and is available for private bookings. Her recipes and writings have been published in several international publications and she is a contributor to Mind, Body, Green, Elephant Journal, Natural Health Magazine and more...

What is Holistic Health Coaching about?

Its about personal responsibility.

Its about creating my own karma, doing unto others, and paying it forward.

Its about stopping to smell the roses and the weeds, not waiting for it to be over, jumping in, and falling down.

Its why I get up.

Its about waiting in line at the post office with a genuine smile on my face.

Its about living full, breathing deep, and feeling silly.

Its about trust.

Its about knowing what I got.

Its about going where I am afraid to go.

Its about understanding.

Its about looking in the mirror.  Its not about what I see in the mirror.

Its about loving deeply, stepping in totally.

Its about finding perfection in an 89 cent cup of coffee.

Its about setting intentions and embodying change.

Its about unwavering honesty.

Its about turning the other cheek.

Its about being a warrior.

Its about living my own truth.

Its not always about enjoying the ride, its about fully riding the ride.

Its about taking care of someone else before me and its about always taking care of myself first.

Its about giving.  Its about receiving.

Its about filling my own pot.

Its about gratitude.

Its about something much bigger.

Its not about me.  Its all about me.

Its about having the best day of my life every single day

This is what I am a student of.  My intention is to live this way and my work is to breathe this into the universe.  What does this have to do with food?

Its not about food, its about the reasons we eat it.