about susan.

Susan Duprey HHC, RYT, CBE

Susans yoga has merged with the sacred womens work of motherhood and her daily practice lies in juggling many endeavors!

As a theatre dork and film student, Susan spent her undergrad days producing, directing and acting in socially active political non-profit theatre and dancing her way through Boston, NYC, Europe and Los Angeles before finally submitting to the calling to go back to school for nutrition and delving more deeply into spiritual based practices.

Her work as a holistic nutritionist working with private clients and educating in nutrition has led to the road of consulting. 15 years experience managing restaurants, bars and yoga studios supported by post graduate nutrition and coaching studies, has enabled Susan the amazingly fulfilling opportunity to design menus, train staff and open several cold-pressed juice bars and health food cafes for notable restaurateurs. These days you can find Susan poppin around Wynwood completely stoked to finally put it all together working with local farmers and producing pop-up plant based dinners with cocktail pairings and strong community aspect.

As a certified nutritionist and lactation educator who leads prenatal yoga,  women's yoga, philosophy and classical Hatha yoga classes Susan finds ways to integrate these passions of yoga and nutrition while dwelling in that sweet (sometimes chaotic) space between being an entrepreneur, mommy-ing and teaching.

Susan has studied Sanskrit Mantra for many years one-to-one with her beloved teachers Dr. M.A. Jayashree of Mysore, India, Satyabhama and the late Namadeva Ashley-Farrand. She teaches classical recitation of Vedic texts as well as how to integrate mantra into a daily living experience.

Her writings on nutrition, yoga and mantra have been published in several international publications and she is dedicated to advising students on mantra and nutrition practices. 

Susans work is steeped in gratitude for all creative flow. She is constantly humbled and awed at the incredible humans surrounding her and seeks to serve the Source in whatever capacity she is capable of. 

Oh! and one last tiny little thing... Susan is the creator and founder of Radiate Miami. An organic locally sourced kombucha!!