Insightful, intuitive and in touch is how I would describe Susan's approach to nutritional counseling. She has the unique ability to be "in the moment" with you and listen intently to what's said, what's not said, and respond mindfully. 

Her wisdom is way beyond any one I've ever had the privilege of working with. Susan helped me to finally break away from a lifetime of an "all or nothing" mentality with regard to my eating and my attitude toward wellness. 

Finally, and most inspiring is to observe Susan live her work in her personal life, which confirms her authenticity as a true professional.



It was during my first Independent Study with Susan that I actually discovered my love affair with food.  I'm not talking about the pleasure I derive from it's touch on my tongue...I'm talking about down and dirty appreciation for what nourishes me.  And more importantly, how food nourishes me.  During my studies with Susan I've learned about portion sizes, proper food combinations, cultured foods, creativity with food, simplicity with food, and the graceful art of appreciating what nature provides for us.  Susan was also the first to instill in me a belief system when it came to nutrition.  That belief is, knowledge is power when it comes to nourishment.  She encouraged me to seek out all of the information I needed or was curious to learn, to make informed decisions on what goes into my body.  And in turn, relaying that solid belief system to my current nutrition/yoga clients.  The healthy transformation from Susan's honest approach literally radiates from the inside out, and I'm extremely blessed to work with her!

Marci Renee


Working with Susan has been so powerful.  Learning mantra from her and studying with her as a health coach has put me into alignment with my purpose and given me a way to integrate my yoga studies and my passion for holistic health in support of my clients. I feel a part of this larger movement, shifting, quickening; this global involution/revolution with every moment of supporting someone through their own individual wellness journeys.  

However, as a student of Hathavidya, the KEY for being able to consistently integrate all of what I have been learning was my Health Coach module.  It so suited my learning style because in that module we were given tools; actual, practical, everyday, tools to support our clients in shifting their lifestyles.  Those tools have helped me in supporting clients, but even more so, they have helped ME as a yoga student and teacher juggling work, family, studies and so much more; these tools have helped me for the first time in my life to sustain and integrate all the pieces I am learning throughout this program. Because of this Health Coach module, Susan's honesty, example and support, her leadership and wisdom, her breadth of knowledge I feel myself able to absorb the benefits of my sadhana.

I have always been strong but often at the core of that strength has been a person trembling, unsure and afraid. Now, at my core, I feel grounded, connected, at peace. Not because my life is free from sadness, struggle, difficulty or even pain.  But something is changing within me. I know it's the sadhana, the mantra and what I call my health coach sadhana.  

This whole program has cultivated this inner quality that is tapped in to The Source and it keeps me deeply rooted.  Sometimes I feel like breath...you know, when you stand and gaze at nature so connected to our Great Mother and notice that all of it is breathing? Everyday I feel this energy in me as me because of this program and the best part is, this is just the beginning!

Candace J. Taylor


Working with Susan means to learn from her own exploration in nutrition. Her main focus is not a text, case study or lineage of thought... it goes far beyond that. Is how can we combine science with where we are in our lives right now. Is how can certain foods and habits can help you feel great but it all has to go aligned with your lifestyle, work, background and heritage. For me, it has been a great experience to have someone to guide me without feeling that I have to "give up" things, but that I can actually improve my health by adding different foods, organization techniques and be mindful in the kitchen. 

Small changes can make a huge impact on a person's life... in my case it started with a question that looked for a straight answer... what I got from her was "It all depends"... and she has been my Holistic Coach since then. 

Nayade Bravo


Learning to brew your own Kombucha and ferment veggies seems like an intimidating kitchen adventure, but Susan takes these skills and puts them within reach, opening a world of possibilities you can bring into your own kitchen and sprinkle into your daily routine.”

Jenna Laurenzo


I am so grateful that Susan has come into my life first as a health coach and guide and later as a true teacher.  She has helped to shape my beliefs about what it means to be “healthy.”  I became interested in nutrition as a young adult after struggling with food, body image and addiction issues from a very young age.  When I met Susan and began working with her she helped to me to internalize that health is not always about the food, it’s more about feeding the soul to be happy.  Because of Susan today I am able to look at food from a completely different perspective.   I have moments where I can enjoy food and live guilt free and moments where I can stay on track, look deeper into my “cravings” and make “good” choices, which for me is directly correlated to how spiritually fit I am in each moment.  What I like about Susan is that she is a real example of what she teaches and is incredibly inspiring.  Beyond the knowledge, wisdom and experience she holds, she has a keen eye to see your potential and boldness to help you step into it.  Today I don’t want to be perfect, I want to be happy. 

Carrie Guzanick


Susan Duprey is an open, honest and passionate woman.  I have worked with her on numerous occasions as both a client and a student.  She makes the world of nutrition accessible, exciting, and fun.  I have learned to integrate some basic and healthful foods and mindful practices into my daily life that have made a huge impact on my overall health and well being.  Her passion for nutrition and health is infectious and her knowledge is vast!  Working with Susan will change your life in so many ways!

Khani Zulu


I came to Susan wanting help with Ayurvedic cooking. I thought the right combination of ghee and fennel seeds would surely get my GI track cranking and I would be whipping out vegetarian dishes that would rival Bon Appetite. We began talking and in her gentle  but wise way Susan guided me though my ghee coated ideas and helped me shape a true start to health. Do we talk about nutrition, yes, but we also talk about work, love, the weather and everything else that impacts me. There are many people who can give you nutritional advice. Susan helps you invigorate your best you. I feel blessed to work and learn from her.

Apryl Grasty